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January 07, 2021 / by Ed Fech


The Cowtown Yeast Wranglers homebrew club is proud to present: The 13th Annual 2021 Homebrew Roundup!

We welcome entries of beer, mead, and cider from home brewers across Canada.

If you’re looking to get some quality feedback from trained BJCP judges on how to improve your brews or if you’ve got your eyes set on a new medal for the display cabinet, you can sign up here. Judging will be based on the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.

Registration opens up on the 14th of January and will close on the 14th of February. As with previous years, the bottle drop off /shipping location is The Vineyard. Bottles can be dropped off from the 1st of February to the 14th of February. If you’re eligible to judge (BJCP accredited judges, cicerones, and professional brewers only) or want to help out as a steward during the judging, please register here.

Judging will be taking place online over virtual tasting sessions. More information on the competition website. After all the judging is complete and the winner has been chosen, the competition will be wrapped up with a virtual awards ceremony, being held on Saturday, February 27. More details to follow.

This competition is only successful because of hard work from a bunch of awesome volunteers. If you want to help this year, but don’t know how, please contact the competition organizer. Ed can also answer any other questions you may have regarding the competition.