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December 30, 2017 / by Chris van der Ploeg

January 2018 Meeting at Wild Rose & Collaboration Brew

We will be at Wild Rose for the January 3rd, 2018 meeting.

This is the official start of the Yeast Wranglers 10th year, and we are brewing a collaboration beer with Wild Rose to celebrate 🎉🎉.

January 3rd is the brew day for the collaboration brew. The beer being constructed will be a Belgian Pale Ale, 5%-ish with a very interesting hop choice. The recipe is courtesy of Corey Clayton, with mods by Mark, the Wild Rose brewmaster, for scale-up. A few small tours throughout the afternoon will be available. The window will open throughout though for a birds eye from the bar.

That said, folks are encouraged to come to the Tap Room slightly earlier than our normal meeting start time (8 pm) to try seasonal beers that might not be available later that evening in the Barracks Room. (The Oktoberfest is very good - had some last week - tasted like it has been lagering a while…) At 8:00 pm we will retire to the Barracks Room, for our meeting. The topic will be the Belgian Pale Style, How Corey arrived at the recipe after many competition trials and the scale-up for the collaboration. I will see if Mark will talk about the practical side of scale-up, and as penance for using this recipe, Corey will, of course, have to talk about the development process he went through.