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January 05, 2022 / by Darryl Ma

January 2022 Meeting Announcements

Announcements (Darryl)

  1. Agenda overview - Announcements, activities, Ed has some competition updates, Malcolm will do a presentation on the updated 2021 BJCP guidelines and some competition entry advice. Online socializing will move over to Discord.
  2. Passes - 2022 memberships are being sent out. Passes are for the calendar year. So if you intended to purchase a 2022 pass, but paid at the very end of 2021, send an email to
    • Passes are for the calendar year. If you purchased a pass late last year in December, it was automatically considered a 2022 membership.
  3. Website review & sponsor review
  4. Our annual Holiday Social (drinks, food, Secret Drunk Santa) has been postponed. We will let folks know what happens here – whether we can slide it to February, or do a wrapped beer swap in a parking lot.
  5. New members

Competitions (Ed)

  1. Club activities
    • Winter advent went really well (thanks Matt for organizing). Voting for prizes is open until the 11th.
    • Homebrew swap - Ongoing activity to share your homebrew with members and get some feedback. Next swap is January 21st.
    • Commercial beer tasting - Future of commercial beer tastings may be dependent on whether we have online meetings or in-person meetings. Stay tuned!
    • If you’ve signed up for either activity (links in meeting reminder) but haven’t received any emails, send an email to
  2. 2022 CTYW Roundup
    • Competition dates (registration window, drop-off deadline, sorting day(s), judging week, gala date)
    • Request for volunteers
  3. BJCP course/exam planned for later this year

Presentation (Malcolm MacKenzie, Steve to moderate)

Overview of BJCP 2021 guidelines and tips/advice for competitions.

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