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September 01, 2021 / by Darryl Ma

September 2021 Meeting Announcements

Announcements (Darryl)

  1. Agenda overview - Announcements, activities, Ed has some competition updates, Scott Janish will answer questions for our IPA and Hop Q&A, then Commercial beer tasting to occur afterward on Google meet. General socializing will move over to Discord.
  2. Passes - All new memberships and membership renewals submitted up until noon today have been emailed out. If you didn’t receive the pass, send an email to
  3. Club activities
    • Sour beer blending occurred over the weekend – Ryan P, Chris M, Shaun H, Darryl M brewed, aged, then blended sour beers. Next month Ryan will give a talk about our first years experience and lay down some info for anyone looking to join the 2022 blending.
    • Homebrew swap - Ongoing activity to share your homebrew with members for feedback. Next swap is late September.
    • Commercial beer tasting - Ongoing activity to taste and discuss commercial beers
    • If you’ve signed up for either activity (links in meeting reminder) but haven’t received any emails, send an email to
  4. In-person meetings are still up in the air. Will make the call on a month by month basis. We will try to give folks a week’s notice.
  5. We need 2 volunteers to review our financials ahead of our AGM
  6. New members

Competitions (Ed)

  1. Saison comp (BJCP 25B). BJCP judging will be done by Cabin Brewing. Fan favourite to occur at the summer BBQ.
    • 1st place: Kevin Hanson - Saison Snowberry
    • 2nd place: Ryan Preston - Standard Saison
    • 3rd place: Dakota Paul - Super Saison
    • HM (tied): Dakota Paul - Table Saison, Paul Heslop - Standard Saison
    • We will send out the scoresheets in the next few days
  2. Belgian Trappist competition (BJCP 26A/B/C/D). Bottle drop-off October 23rd. Winners will be announced at the November 3rd meeting.
  3. BOTY year end competition will be in November. Our top 3 brewers from the year will represent the club.

Presentation (Scott Janish, Tyler to do intro & moderate)

Scott to do Q&A

Commerical Beer Tasting

  1. Freehold Brewing “Keychain” Dry Hopped Lager
  2. Tailgunner Brewing “Ross Dixon” Dry Hopped lager
  3. (Optional) Dandy Brewing “Bright & Happy Days” Hopped Rice Lager

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