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July 07, 2021 / by Darryl Ma

July 2021 Meeting Announcements

Announcements (Darryl)

  1. Agenda overview - Announcements, Ed has some competition updates, no presentation. The commercial beer tasting to occur afterward on Google meet. If you crack your beer during the presentation, make sure to jot down a few notes for the discussion. General socializing will move over to Discord.
  2. Passes - All new memberships and membership renewals submitted up until noon today have been emailed out. If you didn’t receive the pass, send an email to
  3. In person meetings – Nothing nailed down yet. Earliest would likely be September.
  4. Club activities
    • Homebrew swap - Ongoing activity to share your homebrew with members for feedback. Next swap is July 16.
    • Commercial beer tasting - Ongoing activity to taste and discuss commercial beers
    • If you’ve signed up for either activity (links in meeting reminder) but haven’t received any emails, send an email to
  5. Call out for volunteers for:
    • Website updates - Website calendar and blog posts are managed by editing YAML files, checking them into our GIT repository, then a workflow automatically pushes out to AWS. If you understood that and want to help out the club, send an email to Time commitment is low.
  6. No meeting next month.
  7. New members

Competitions (Ed)

  1. Saison comp (BJCP 25B). BJCP judging will be done by Cabin Brewing. Fan favourite to occur at the summer BBQ.
  2. Belgian Trappist competition (BJCP 26A/B/C/D). Bottle drop-off October 23rd. Winners will be announced at the November 3rd meeting.
  3. Other BOTY comps. So far no comps that allow us to enter (except for the Short Finger sour/funky beer competition). But we have plenty in-club comps!
  4. Summer BBQ – Survey indicates most folks want a BBQ. If you are interested in hosting 30-ish people, send an email to, those that indicated they can host on the survey, we will be reaching out soon. Date will depend on the host – late July to mid-August.
  5. Summer advent went well – thanks Matt. Voting for your favourite 4 beers and label contest is open until the 10th.

Presentation (Dakota Paul, Alan Bergo, Steve to moderate)

None. Just social.

Commerical Beer Tasting

  1. Lagunitas IPA
  2. Field & Forge IPA

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