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January 07, 2021 / by Darryl Ma

January 2021 Meeting Announcements

Announcements (Darryl)

  1. Agenda overview - Announcements, competition updates, Natasha from Establishment here to give a presentation on beer and food pairings, Q&A, then Commercial beer tasting to occur afterward on Google meet. General socializing will move over to Discord.
  2. Discord - Lots of activity (which I love), but a quick tip for those who want to keep notifications low. You can mute the entire Yeast Wranglers server, or individual channels. Click the bell icon for options.
  3. Instagram - We have one @yeastwranglers – thanks to Fallon for running it. If you post your brew days, make sure to tag us.
  4. Passes - All new memberships and membership renewals submitted up until noon today have been emailed out. If you didn’t receive the pass, send an email to Check the back for discount information.
  5. Next meeting – tentatively scheduled to have New Level give a talk on fruiting beers. New Level LOTW2 signup is in email (drop off carboy before Jan 10, pickup Jan 11 or 12, if you want to participate in the New Level side of the competition, drop off at New Level at the end of February). There’s a bit of time from this meeting until the LOTW2 drop off deadline.

Competitions (Ed)

  1. 2020 Homebrew Club of the Year (Yeast Wranglers) and Brewer of the Year (Paul Heslop)
  2. We may have a club competition for LOTW2 participants – possibly late Feb or early March. Not confirmed yet. Folks can certainly use the Homebrew swap group for feedback on their beers.
  3. Porter club competition - Drop off 2 bottles at the Vineyard by Jan 29. Label bottles with name, phone, email, BJCP style, and additional info if required (fruit, spices, etc.).
  4. Club activities
    • Homebrew swap - Ongoing activity, sign-up if you want feedback or want to share some homebrew. Next swap and tasting will be on Friday January 22nd.
    • Commercial beer tasting - Ongoing activity, sign-up in email, keep up to date via the Discord channel.
    • If you’ve signed up for either activity but haven’t received any emails, send an email to
  5. Roundup
    • Dates (register beers on Thurs Jan 14 8AM, drop off deadline Sun Feb 14 4PM, virtual awards Sat Feb 27)
    • Discount code on back of membership pass!
    • Changes for this year (3 bottles, 2 entries for first week then slowly increase limit until compeition maximum is reached 250).
    • Volunteers (judges, stewards, sorting) can sign up on compeititon page.

Presentation (Natasha & Steve)

  1. Natasha of Establishment Brewing to discuss beer and food pairings. Steve to moderate.
  2. Questions from the members.

Commerical Beer Tasting

  1. Andy’s Wee Heavy, Common Crown
  2. Skull Splitter, Orkney

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