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March 03, 2021 / by Darryl Ma

April 2021 Meeting Announcements

Announcements (Darryl)

  1. Agenda overview - Announcements, Ed has some competition updates, Shaun Hill will give a presentation on DIY candi sugar, Darryl will quickly discuss saison recipes, then Commercial beer tasting to occur afterward on Google meet. General socializing will move over to Discord.
  2. Passes - All new memberships and membership renewals submitted up until noon today have been emailed out. If you didn’t receive the pass, send an email to Check the back for discount information.
  3. Club activities
    • Homebrew swap - Ongoing activity to share your homebrew with members for feedback. Next swap should be mid-late April.
    • Commercial beer tasting - Ongoing activity to taste and discuss commercial beers
    • If you’ve signed up for either activity (links in meeting reminder) but haven’t received any emails, send an email to
  4. New members

Competitions (Ed)

  1. Lord of the Wort club competition winners!
    • 1st place: Sacha Ikonicoff
    • 2nd place: Ed Fech
    • 3rd place: Darryl Ma
  2. New Level side of comp is unannounced – watch out for email and/or social media updates from New Level
  3. Belgian Trappist competition (BJCP 26A/B/C/D) announced last month. Bottle drop-off October 23rd. Winners will be announced at the November 3rd meeting.
  4. Upcoming saison comp (BJCP 25B). Thanks Paul H and Cabin for the Escarpment Spooky Saison hookup. If you missed it, you can enter with a different yeast. Paul still has a bit, so if you are interested, send an email to Bottle drop-off June 26th. Winners will be announced at the July 7th meeting.
  5. Roundup!
    • Prizes have all been shipped. If you have not received your prize yet, email to arrange a pickup. Don’t just go to the Vineyard to ask for it!

Presentation (Shaun Hill, Steve to moderate)

  1. Shaun to do a presentation on DIY candi sugar.
  2. Questions from the members.

Presentation (Darryl Ma, Steve to moderate)

  1. Darryl to do a presentation on saison recipes.
  2. Questions from the members.

Commerical Beer Tasting

  1. Saison Dupont
  2. Cabin Morning Sun
  3. Four Winds Saison

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