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May 18, 2021 / by Darryl

Canadian Homebrew Day 2021

For the second year in a row, the Yeast Wranglers, and Malcolm MacKenzie, our Alberta Rep on the Canadian Homebrewers Association will be hosting a VIRTUAL BREW DAY.


When: Saturday June 5th, starting at 10am.

What: Set up your webcam, brew a beer, share your setup, thoughts on brewing, and whatever else is on your mind. People from around the country will be invited to attend.

Where: On the Canadian Homebrewers Association Discord: (Further details and video links will be posted here).

Why: Brew whatever you want, or grab a kit of our grain and brew an awesome tropical stout with your own twist. Also: two other official recipes provided by prominent Canadian Homebrew influencers.

Who: General homebrewing public is welcome, and a membership to the Canadian Homebrewers Association is not required.

Bribes / Incentives

CHA discount - As a thank-you to our club, the CHA is offering all Yeast Wrangler Members a 50% discount on membership. Use code “CYW21” on signup at:

Free(ish) Grain! - For those Yeast Wrangler members agreeing to join in on the virtual brew day, some the grain needed for a five gallon batch of will be packaged and distributed from the Vineyard at the same time as the summer advent swap. Depending on the number of signups, the amount the club can subsidize may vary – we’re hoping to cover at least half the cost of the kit.

A limited supply of “Dragon” tropical stout will be distributed, courtesy of Malcolm, for anyone brewing a tropical stout (from our kit or otherwise), for inspiration and calibration.

Bragging Rights: A competition of homebrew day tropical stouts will be arranged some point in the late summer. (perhaps in conjunction with a bbq, covid permitting).


Grain bill will be based on the following recipe: by BJCP grandmaster judge, director, and educator Dr. Kris England.

Yeast, hops, and sugar adjuncts will be up to each participant to provide Recommend yeast is a warm fermented lager, but Kveik, English, or Beligan yeasts might all be effective alternatives. The magic of a tropical stout comes from the choice of sugars, and this is perhaps a great segue for applying some of Shawn’s wisdom and thoughts on candi sugar. (or to use up that bottle of dark maple syrup that’s been haunting your pantry!).

More Recipes:

The CHA has also posted an “official” tropical stout recipe, by Niagra College’s Victor North. This is a great alternative to the suggested recipe and uses some really cool specialty malt (special X and carafa III).

A second official beer recipe, a catalina wine mixer, has been also posted by perennial brewer of the year threat, Cory Day:

How to Sign Up

Email Malcolm MacKenzie at, let him know if you want a grain kit, and if you want it crushed or not.


Sign up for the discord channel, to get more info, and a link to the video chat If you’re already on Discord, click the + icon on the left, click Join a server, then paste the link above.

Thanks, and hope to see you on June 5th.