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November 24, 2021 / by Darryl Ma

2020/2021 AGM Meeting Announcements

Board Members

  1. After 14 years as club president, Dave Neilly is stepping down. If you see Dave, it is your duty to buy him a beer!
  2. Previous year’s board (thanks for running the club this past year!)
    • Dave Neilly, President
    • Darryl Ma, Vice President
    • Kevin Hanson, Secretary
    • Steve Fawkes, Treasurer
    • Eduard Fech, Director of Competition
    • Morgan Rattray, Director at Large
    • Mathew Carne, Director at Large
    • Trevor Ens, Director at Large
  3. Newly elected board
    • Darryl Ma, President
    • Eduard Fech, Vice President
    • Kevin Hanson, Secretary
    • Steve Fawkes, Treasurer
    • Malcolm MacKenzie, Director of Competition
    • Morgan Rattray, Director at Large
    • Mathew Carne, Director at Large
    • Fallon Coburn, Director at Large

Programs Report

  1. Monthly Meetings
    • All meetings moved to online since May 2020. Last year we 20-25 attendees per meeting. This year we had on average 41 attendees per meeting. Since May, we have been recording meetings (run by Adam M). Most viewed meeting is Ryan’s sour beer blending talk.
    • Discord has been growing into a great active forum for homebrewing discussion.
    • Monthly brew share (run by Neil O) setup to fill in for the homebrew sharing aspect of club meetings. Last year we had 5-7 participants each month. This year we had on average of 8.
    • Commercial beer tasting (run by Fallon C) setup to fill in for the tasting and discussion aspect of club meetings. Takes place after the online meetings. Typically 12-15 members participate.
  2. Special Events
    • Canadian Homebrew Day online brew session (run by Malcolm M). Club provided discounted grains for members to brew a Tropical Stout.
    • Summer BBQ was held with COVID precautions appropriate for conditions at that time (outdoors, ~25 people, sanitation, distancing).
    • Free Saison yeast (run by Paul H). Cabin donated a corny keg of 3rd generation Spooky Saison. 25-30 participants.
    • Sour beer blending project (run by Ryan P) completed the first year blend. Participants blended the mixed fermentation sour beers brewed last year. Next year’s project is already under way.
  3. Membership Passes
    • Digital membership passes format is still working well. They typically got sent out within 4 days of confirming payment. Total cost for September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021 is $3.87.
  4. FY2021 Monthly Meeting Topics 2021 meetings

Competitions Report

  1. CTYW Roundup & BOTY
    • Roundup
      • 229 entries (reduced due to new COVID-friendly format)
      • 124 entrants, 34 judges
      • The only Club competition with beers across Canada
      • Judged entirely online for the first time
    • BOTY Competition
      • With the new BOTY format, CTYW judged the invitational, winners were announced on Nov 20
      • 3 entrants from all the major clubs that opted into the qualifier circuit
      • New Brewer of the Year chosen: Matt King from GTA
      • CTYW did well, placed 3rd overall
  2. Intra-Club Comps
    • Porter comp – Judged by Establishment - 1st place Dan Bronson, 2nd place Travis Galenzoski, 3rd place Rick Alaszkiewicz
    • LOTW2 (club portion): 1st place Sacha Iconikoff, 2nd place Ed Fech, 3rd place Darryl Ma
    • Saison comp: Judged by Cabin - 1st place Kevin Hanson, 2nd place Ryan Preston, 3rd place Dakota Paul
    • Trappist comp: Winners will be announced at December meeting
    • Other Club activities
      • 2020 Winter advent went well
      • 2021 Summer advent, another success (run by Matthew C)
      • 2021 Winter advent upcoming, share is this weekend (run by Matthew C)
  3. Financial Report
    • Finance package was sent out to members in good standing prior to the AGM.